November 18, 2019

The Prodigy P1 cleaning fan is revolutionizing the way CNC machinists clean their workspace

The cleaning motion is controlled within the part programming, eliminating manual effort and further automating the manufacturing process.

The Prodigy P1 is designed with a cylindrical shank that can be readily mounted into a collet chuck or endmill holder style tool adapter. This simple design makes the Prodigy P1 compatible with an extensive variety of machines common to the manufacturing industry. The compact design of the Prodigy P1 also allows it to be used with an automatic tool changer. This makes it possible to produce parts while maintaining the workspace automatically.

The effectiveness of the Prodigy P1 can be observed the moment the spindle starts rotating and the fan blades open. The Prodigy P1 moves high volumes of air instantly, blowing away machined chips, debris, and excess cutting fluids. Automated workspace cleaning processes allows for embedded inspection and automation technology to be utilized without manual intervention.

Adding the Prodigy P1 cleaning fan into the manufacturing process allows machinists to focus on other tasks that need attention. Automating workspace maintenance is another step allowing industry efficiency gains with cost reductions.

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