November 4, 2019

OSG SynchroMaster Tap Holder

Next generation synchronized tap holder designed to turbocharge tapping performance

Machining troubles associated with tap processing are far more frequent in comparison to other rotating tools, such as drills and end mills. Manufacturers often struggle with threading applications because there are few effective solutions to:

  • Prevent sudden breakage of taps
  • Stabilize tap life
  • Improve thread quality
  • Stabilize short chamfer taps’ performance

When a tapping problem arises, most operators would troubleshoot by lowering the cutting speed, which would in turn reduce productivity.

To help manufacturers who use machining centers with synchronous spindles overcome common tapping obstacles, OSG has recently introduced a new generation synchronized tap holder – the SynchroMaster – engineered to turbocharge performance by dampening excessive forces in rigid tapping environment.

Features & Benefits of SynchroMaster

The SynchroMaster is a tap holder constructed to allow a slight amount of axial movement to compensate for axial deviations that are unavoidable in rigid tapping. Its micro tension-compression float eliminates the extra axial forces on the tap, leading to longer tool life, consistent tapping depth and improved thread quality. As illustrated in figure 1, the uniquely integrated float unit absorbs the loads in the thrust direction, significantly reduces thrust forces occur during reverse rotation.

Figure 1. Comparison of thrust force during machining

Additionally, as illustrated in figure 2, the SynchroMaster tap holder is effective not only for cut taps, but also for form taps. Since cutting does not take place with form taps and the internal thread is processed by using the plastic deformation of the material, the processing load for form taps is even higher than cut taps. As highlighted, the SynchroMaster tap holder was able to double the tool life versus solid type holder even for form taps.

Figure 2. Form tap tool life comparison

OSG’s SynchroMaster tap holder accommodates a wide range of general and special purpose taps, including the A-TAP and Synchro Tap series. Instantly search the entire OSG catalog on MachiningCloud for the latest tooling data and 3D files, manufacturer recommendations, and discover an array of OSG tooling choices that can help maximize your machine’s potential.

For manufacturers who are especially struggling with unstable tool life, poor thread quality, low productivity and large variations in depth length on rigid tapped holes, look to the SynchroMaster tap holder to turbocharge your tapping performance.

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