September 11, 2019

Fully Networked, Data Consistent Machining: ZOLLER TMS and MachiningCloud Bolster High Volume Manufacturing for Industry 4.0

Advances in smart manufacturing are raising the stakes for achieving increased productivity. Across high volume, large batch manufacturing processes, shop floors are working to interconnect their machining, software systems, and tooling data together in order to achieve the highest quality possible – all while ensuring greater consistency. Higher quality, lower costs, and faster output is part of the evolution towards Industry 4.0. ZOLLER Tool Management Solutions (TMS) and MachiningCloud work together to make this happen, providing a combination of unified, intelligent tool management with instant, open, and reliable tooling data.

To achieve this level of efficiency, fully networked manufacturing processes require greater amounts of tooling data than ever before – accurate, real time data that seamlessly works across every production station, from CAM program development to post-machining inspections. Frequent tooling changes are one of the biggest variables for networked manufacturing processes and smart tooling management, extensive process documentation, and flexible data integration is required to achieve greater levels of production output.

From one central database, seamlessly networked and connected to all manufacturing stations across the shop floor, ZOLLER TMS adopts, manages, and integrates MachiningCloud tooling data into its framework using a native interface. MachiningCloud provides up-to-date, vendor neutral tooling data that’s capable of working with virtually any CAM programming, management, and simulation application in use today.

ZOLLER TMS manages tooling data across the shop floor while MachiningCloud feeds the most native, up-to-date product information from manufacturers. As a result, shop floors of virtually any size can achieve the faster, larger, and more reliable production tempos that Industry 4.0 demands.

For large volume run, fully networked manufacturing processes, accurate tooling data is not only necessary, it must also openly integrate with disparate shop floor systems – reliably and on demand through a single, intelligent tool management source. MachiningCloud and ZOLLER TMS work together effectively to help streamline the future of high volume manufacturing, enabling shop floors to overcome the challenges of lower costs and increased quality.

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