September 6, 2019

ESPRIT CAM Simulator & MachiningCloud Tooling Data Make Fully Identical, “Digital Twin” Machining a Reality

What if you were able to create a “Digital Twin” of your entire machining environment? An exact virtual replica, supported by up-to-date, accurate product data for the stock, tools, holders, fixtures, machine setup, and kinematics. This product data, optimized by MachiningCloud helps ensure that all real world performance conditions are met for tooling products from a wide range of brands – including multi-brand tooling assemblies. MachiningCloud provides the CAD models, descriptive data, and manufacture recommendations to mimic real world conditions as accurately as possible in the virtual world.

In this 3D machine environment, a Digital Twin of your machine setup will help provide real world insight into tooling decisions, part quality, and tooling assembly fit – all based on actual cutting physics that helps visualize potential tooling outcomes without the need for costly dry runs.

Using ESPRIT CAM software and MachiningCloud, complex, virtually identical 3D machining simulations can precisely replicate shop floor processes, equipment, and tooling components. Utilizing the latest in Digital Twin Technology, ESPRIT users can visualize machine setups and tooling assemblies with absolute realism, supported by MachiningCloud tooling data. Every aspect of the job has an exact Digital Twin generated by ESPRIT, from a machine’s design to its tools, fixtures, and holders. This is the case regardless of the machine’s type, manufacture, control, or vintage.

The challenge to digitally replicate a machine’s physical and performance characteristics, its various permutations of tooling choices, cutting material behaviors, and more relies on up-to-date, valid tooling data fresh from the manufacturer. CAM programmers can quickly develop accurate, optimized NC code without having to physically test their work while at the actual machine tool. Tooling setups and dry runs are costly and time consuming in the physical world, but are substantially lower and just as accurate when simulated in the digital realm.

ESPRIT’s CAM simulations reproduce all aspects of the machining process, including how a machine moves and how potential tooling, especially multi-branded assemblies, interact with a machine’s design and geometry.  Paired with tooling data from MachiningCloud, ESPRIT achieves real world machining conditions that helps users anticipate problems, prevent downtime, and observe potential issues before production begins. Tooling setup is significantly time consuming, expensive, and resource intensive. In a fully simulated, Digital Twin machine shop, manufacturers and CAM programmers can experience significant cost reductions, better quality control, optimized resources, and faster prove out test runs.

Good NC code relies on the entire machining environment. It requires valid tooling information such as speeds and feeds or fixture data. All of it must be ISO-friendly, vendor neutral, and easily imported into any CAM simulation such as ESPRIT. All product and usage data is incorporated in order to recreate conditions at extraordinary levels of detail. Using MachiningCloud’s custom tooling data search and export function, easily tailor your assembly data package content, specify the 2D and 3D tooling models, define output file formats, and extract other product information as needed for seamless import into ESPRIT.

As Industry 4.0 evolves, the gap continues to close between digital and physical realism on the shop floor. ESPRIT enables CAM programmers to visualize, simulate, and analyze machining processes with extraordinary digital precision. With MachiningCloud, tooling data can be put to work by ESPRIT for both CAM simulations and real-world machining environments. The use of Digital Twin technology is helping manufacturers to save time, lower costs, and maximize machine resources. In addition, Digital Twin technology is redefining plant floor operations, allowing companies to scale their manufacturing resources in preparation for other Industry 4.0 advances such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

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