August 26, 2019

Find Your Tooling Equivalent Fast and Easy with Ingersoll’s Grade Optimizer and MachiningCloud

Ingersoll Cutting Tools offers its European catalog of CAM product data on MachiningCloud, allowing users to instantly search and download cutting tool products according to your requirements. A global manufacturer in both heavy-duty milling and custom cutting tool solutions, Ingersoll leverages innovative technologies to produce tooling that can meet the most demanding machining applications. MachiningCloud optimizes Ingersoll Cutting Tool data, providing an ISO compatible file format for import into virtually any CAM system, simulation and tool management software.

Experienced machinists understand the importance of getting up-to-date, accurate tooling data from manufacturers as quickly and as flexibly as possible. With MachiningCloud, Ingersoll customers can find, build and download Ingersoll 3D tooling assemblies from millions of possible choices, providing faster, more optimized CAM workflows for machine shops. Match your machine’s specifications and cutting performance needs to any one of Ingersoll’s tooling products and get actual manufacturer recommendations that can help you make smarter tooling choices up to 75% faster than paper catalogs or websites.

Seamless Transition to Ingersoll Cutting Tools with Grade Optimizer & MachiningCloud

More importantly, Ingersoll Cutting Tools offers its Grade Optimizer for those interested in making the transition to Ingersoll tooling from other brands. Grade Optimizer helps you search faster for Ingersoll-equivalent tooling grades and geometries based on the brand that you currently use. Enter a manufacturer, application, and either grade or geometry to review equivalent Ingersoll product results.

Next, use MachiningCloud to find, review and download the latest tooling data based on Grade Optimizer’s results. In the Ingersoll Cutting Tools catalog on MachiningCloud, quickly filter Ingersoll tooling options using grade or geometry data pulled from Grade Optimizer. You can also check the latest availability from authorized Ingersoll Cutting Tools distributors on MachiningCloud.

Finding new tooling options for your next CAM project shouldn’t be a complex task. Both Grade Optimizer and MachiningCloud can help you make the transition to Ingersoll Cutting Tools faster than ever before. High quality tooling options, combined with accurate and reliable tooling data, result in seamless and efficient CAM programming. To find the right Ingersoll cutting tool for your application, get started with Grade Optimizer at

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