July 16, 2019

Mill 4-12 Tangential Shoulder Milling Tool Data Available on MachiningCloud

Product data for Kennametal’s Mill 4-12KT Tangential Shoulder Milling Tool is now available for download in MachiningCloud, providing an array of options for both steel and cast iron applications. The Mill 4-12KT reduces horsepower by 15%, boosts feed rates, and allows easy access to insert locking screws. The triangular shaped insert dramatically increases stability and cutting performance – even on smaller machines. Available in either coarse or medium pitch cutting options, Mill 4-12KT shoulder mill tools offering both a stronger cutter body and stronger cutting edges thanks to its patented tangential design.

The Mill 4-12KT is ideal for dry rouging to finishing applications and improves overall cost-per-part (CPP) with a 20% increase in chip load per tooth. As a result, tool costs are reduced and surface finishes are improved without compromising tool life. Since there are less inserts per load required on the Mill 4-12KT, better repeatability can be achieved. The Mill 4-12KT features 7 grades, 7 corner radii, an internal coolant supply, and a depth-of-cut range of up to 12 mm (.472”). Mill 4-12KT inserts can be radially or tangentially mounted, allowing machinists to produce both large and shallow pockets.

With MachiningCloud, CAM programmers have up-to-date, instant access to the latest manufacturer tooling data pertaining to the Mill 4-12KT product line. Users can search by specification for indexable milling tools on MachiningCloud, matching their job requirements and machine specifications to the most suitable Mill 4-12KT milling tool available. All Mill 4-12KT tooling data is ISO standardized on MachiningCloud, providing direct access to accurate digital product information, 3D models, and Kennametal recommended speeds and feeds. Easily generate CAD models, 2D drawings, and more that are optimized for your CNC machine and can be easily imported to virtually any CAM, Simulation, or Tool Management Software.

To access Mill 4-12KT milling tool product data, download MachiningCloud and choose the Shoulder Mills option within the Kennametal catalog section. For additional information on the Kennametal Mill 4-12KT Tangential Shoulder Milling Tool line, please visit

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