June 11, 2019

Maintain a Digital Thread connection by data collaboration between MachiningCloud and VERICUT

Create your cutting tool assemblies in MachiningCloud and reuse that information downstream! MachiningCloud 3D tool geometry and cutting parameters can be used in CAM, simulation, and shop floor applications to eliminate efforts in recreating data. The same, accurate 3D models can be used in programming your part, reused in VERICUT simulation to remove material, and reused again in tool management systems to create drawings for the tool crib. Utilizing the MachiningCloud data this way allows for effective collaboration reinforcing the Digital Thread of the entire process through manufacturing.


MachiningCloud 3D models are intended to be reliable and accurate to the real cutting tool components. This allows for a more robust simulation capable of showing possible limitations of the tool. For example, if a real Kennametal shoulder mill style tool (shown on left) that cannot plunge is used in a plunging application, accurate MachiningCloud models being used in a VERICUT simulation will help catch those errors before getting to the shop floor.


In the image below you can see the same tool shown spinning. The detail of the tool shows accurate geometry of the complete cutter that is necessary for simulation in VERICUT. In this case you can see the tool cannot plunge in the bottom center and will thus issue a warning in VERICUT if the tool is used incorrectly.

Reduce your effort by using MachiningCloud and VERICUT together to provide consistent and reliable tooling data, streamline CAM and CNC simulation workflows, get the most robust simulation and toolpath optimization, and improve productivity.

“MachiningCloud enables VERICUT users to obtain accurate 3D models of cutting tools and manufacturer recommended feed/speed information from multiple vendors using a single source,” says Gene Granata, VERICUT Product Manager. “With VERICUT’s connection to MachiningCloud, simulation is enhanced with “Smart” tools that can warn programmers when tools are used improperly or outside of their prescribed usage ranges, and preconfigure setup for feed rate optimization.”

Learn more about VERICUT and MachiningCloud’s interface.

Download the white paper: Bridge the latest tooling data across Mastercam and VERICUT using MachiningCloud

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