June 10, 2019

Getting accurate, high quality files to Denitool customers

Denitool product data is available on MachiningCloud. Denitool Precision Tools is a manufacturer of a wide range of high performance cutting tools and inserts for turning and milling, with a distribution network in North America and internationally.

Because Denitool customers are experienced machinists, it’s always important for them to get the files they need in the shortest amount of time, while keeping data quality high and lowering expenditures in the process. For this reason, we recommend the MachiningCloud App to our customers. All you have to do is open the app, select Denitool and use the filters to get the best matching tool you need and download the 3D-file.

Say you have a holder from a Swedish brand which uses small HSS monobloc turning inserts, but you want to reduce your tool spending by using SynTool carbide boring bars with indexable inserts from Denitool instead, shedding around 70% of the tool costs. All the 3D data provided are ISO 13399 compliant, so by using the extensive export functions in the MachiningCloud App, you can use the 3D tool data between brands and different CAD/CAM software.

“It’s always exciting to see the reactions we get from customers when we show them all the tools at their disposal and the possibilities they now have. As a result, Denitool customers have now become even more productive and efficient by managing their tool data inside the MachiningCloud App”. — Pascal Sidler, Engineering for Denitool

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