May 1, 2019

Tool Tip #3 Quickly Find Thread Mill Tooling for Your Next Job

CAM programmers searching for thread milling tools are often faced with a time consuming task, having to sort and research numerous tooling combinations across major brands for their job requirements. MachiningCloud puts thread milling product information to work for you, providing up-to-date, accurate manufacturer data and 3D models at your fingertips so that you can find the cutting products that you need fast.

In thread milling, the tool makes radial passes around or inside the workpiece. The thread is cut to the required pitch thanks to the tool’s rotating, lateral movement against the workpiece. Multiple threads can be produced in a single revolution of the tool, making this an extremely efficient process for complex components.

Thread mills have grown in popularity when compared to traditional thread turning and have become a go-to choice for machining materials that require high cutting forces. They’re also employed for producing thin wall or asymmetric parts. Thread mill tooling is popular for high temperature alloys, heat treated metals and other tough to machine materials. These tools are offered from a number of prominent brands, designed in the form of a solid, one piece drill bit or as a combination of tool holder and insert. In some cases, the tool is coated with titanium nitride, carbide, ceramic or other materials for better wear resistance and longer overall performance life.

Thread milling is well known for producing excellent surface finishes that are precise and burr-free. They’re also versatile, allowing for the same tool to produce different thread tolerances, thereby shortening machining times. This minimizes tool inventory and helps achieve high productivity for challenging materials and components. There are an array of thread types, sizes and profiles to choose from when considering the selection of a thread milling tool.

Find thread milling tools on MachiningCloud

MachiningCloud works with tooling manufacturers to provide up-to-date tooling data, accurate 3D models and concise product availability across a growing number of popular brands. There are a variety of thread mill tooling possibilities, requiring CAM programmers to not only search Metric, NPTF, NPT and UN designations, but also via thread mill specifications such as Cutting Diameter, Number of Flutes (OF), Thread Size & Type, Shank Diameter and more.

In our example, we’ll search for an AlTiN (titanium aluminum nitride) coated, UN thread milling tool that features a 0.495” cutting diameter, 4 Flutes, and a 1/2” thread size with 4-14 pitch. MachiningCloud will quickly narrow the results and recommend tooling choices based on your machine and shop specifications.

  1. Select the brand name at the top left of the MachiningCloud app to choose a manufacturer catalog. In this example, we’ll select RedLine Tools.

2. Click Threadmills from the brand’s available product categories.

3. Select UN from the available thread types. Optionally, you can continue to choose a thread milling tool from each of these categories.

4. For our example, use the search filters on the right side of the app to enter the following specifications within the filter drop down lists:

Application = AlTiN
Cutting Diameter = 0.495
Number of Flutes [NOF] = 4
Thread Size/Pitch = 1/2-14

As each tooling specification is entered, MachiningCloud will automatically narrow down your tooling results.

5. Review and select the desired tool from MachiningCloud’s catalog recommendations. From here, you can create a new tool assembly, download an accurate 3D model, check availability and much more.

To learn more about MachiningCloud’s catalog search filters, please visit our online product guide or visit our video library for additional tutorials.

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