March 1, 2019

Tool Tip #2: Search Reaming Tools for Precision Hole Finishing

Instantly locate reaming tools across a wide range of manufacturer catalogs – all in one place and based on your job requirements with MachiningCloud. Reaming tools are rotary cutting tools that are capable of enlarging and finishing machined holes with accurate, extremely tight tolerances and very smooth surfaces.

There are an array of reaming tools to choose from for precision holemaking jobs, accommodating various applications such as drilling, slotting, finishing and grooving. Used in drill presses, milling machines and lathes, reaming tools are available in types such as solid, tipped, modular, expandable and guide pad.

For example, modular reamers allow the operator to quickly configure the tool in order to meet the exact bore dimension requirements, resulting in reduced tool changeover times. Guide pad reamers feature indexable inserts that help combine several machining operations together. For removing rough edges or burrs, rose reamers can be employed with specialized cutting edges at the end of its body which feature long grooves that reduce friction and efficiently remove material.

Ultimately, all reaming operations begin with a drilled hole using various types of drilling tools. Boring tools are used to make the hole gradually larger. Finally, the reaming tool is employed to smooth out the hole according to an extremely tight target diameter.

Whether you need a reaming tool based on smallest cutting diameter or maximum corner radius, MachiningCloud’s search filters can connect you directly to the most up-to-date tooling data possible, backed by manufacturer recommendations. Quickly find, build, download and import 3D assembly models of your selected reaming tools to virtually any CAM application.

In this example, we’ll search for a Solid Reaming Tool and filter available tooling options by application.

  1. Select the brand name at the top left of the MachiningCloud app to choose a manufacturer catalog. In this example, we’ll select Kennametal.

2. Click Holemaking from Kennametal’s available product categories.

3. Click Precision Hole Finishing. Notice the filters on the right side that allow you to search all of Kennametal’s Precision Hole Finishing tools immediately by filtering based on your job requirements.

4. Continue to select options such as Reaming and Solid Reaming.

5. In Solid Reaming, choose Hole Finishing: Through-Hole using the search filter Applications.

6. MachiningCloud has now narrowed down options for solid reamers based on the Applications filter. In the catalog page, you can continue to apply filters such as No. of Flutes [Z], Cutting Diameter [D1], Workpiece Material and more to narrow possibilities even further.

To learn more about MachiningCloud’s catalog search filters, please visit our online product guide or visit our video library for additional tutorials.

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