January 2, 2019

Tool Tip #1: Search for Turning Inserts by Geometry

Turning insert geometry is one of an array of filtering options available on MachiningCloud, letting you quickly search tooling catalogs from major manufacturers while saving time and money. Tooling product specifications such as insert geometry plays a significant role in optimizing machine performance, efficient material removal and overall part success.

Increased production speeds, new alloy materials and updated machine technology have compelled turning insert designs to evolve in shape, geometry, material and more. With so many to choose from, MachiningCloud search filters such as Insert Geometry help CAM users and machinists quickly find, assemble and export accurate insert tooling data according to their job requirements.

Choosing a turning insert shape is important when determining the type of cut that needs to be performed. The shape of the insert helps determine the nose angle. Larger nose angles achieve higher feed rates and stronger cutting forces, but require greater power needs and cause excessive vibration. A smaller nose angle offers better entering accessibility but yields weaker cutting edges and forces.

There are thousands of turning insert possibilities to choose from on MachiningCloud. In this example, we’ll search for O.D. and I.D. Turning Inserts and filter by insert geometry.

1. Select the brand name at the top left of the MachiningCloud app to choose a manufacturer catalog. In this example, we’ll select Kennametal.

2. Click Turning from Kennametal’s available machining operations.

3. Notice the filters on the left side that allow you to search all of Kennametal’s turning tools immediately. Click O.D. and I.D. Turning to narrow down the search possibilities.

4. Select Insert Geometry in the Filters section on the right and instantly filter O.D. and I.D. turning inserts offered by Kennametal that are based on your job requirements. Use the additional filters to narrow down insert possibilities even further by Shape, Cutting Edge Length and Cutting Tool Material.

To learn more about MachiningCloud’s catalog search filters, please visit our online product guide or visit our video library for additional tutorials.

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