September 12, 2018

MachiningCloud’s New Tool Inventory Feature

My Inventory tab lets you easily manage inventory quantities and build assemblies with on-hand shop floor tools

Machine operators can fall behind schedule due to lack of tool organization. Missing tools on the shop floor can have a negative impact on capital costs and cause production delays. Keeping track of tool inventory is a vital component to productivity and maintaining some form of control over the discipline helps manufacturers save time and money. In our latest video, MachiningCloud’s new My Inventory tab helps alleviate the problem, allowing machinists and CAM programmers to flexibly maintain and manage the tools that they have on-hand.

The cloud-based app helps users quickly source cutting tooling data from a wide range of brands based on their job needs. In the latest release, the My Inventory feature allows you to create multiple inventory lists for a better snapshot of your available tooling in different locations. You can also build multi-brand, 3D assemblies with items in your inventory, applying MachiningCloud’s search by specification filters to find additional tooling components from a growing list of prominent tooling manufacturers.

Track Tooling Stock on the Shop Floor
Use the My Inventory tab to add items via brand and part number for available tools. If the tool is not already in the MachiningCloud database, you can still add unlisted items and enter basic details, part numbers and quantities. The My Inventory feature offers better management of tooling for everyday tasks, including preparing assemblies with available inventory for export to popular CAM applications. Items can be added to My Inventory in multiple ways, including the Add Item button, searching and browsing tooling from MachiningCloud’s cloud-based partner catalogs, and importing whole text files of available inventory.

Build Multi-Brand 3D Assemblies from My Inventory
Use the search filters on the right to view catalog items available by manufactures on MachiningCloud or only show items that you have added to your inventory lists. If you’re considering a new tool, My Inventory allows users to pair tooling that you have on-hand in you inventory with other tooling on MachiningCloud that have matching manufacturer connection codes.

Separate Inventory Lists for Different Locations
Create individual inventory lists for different areas of the shop floor by using the Manage My Inventory button within the My Inventory tab. Under your user account settings, additional inventory lists can be established to track tooling in different areas of an organization. You can decide which inventory list will be used as the default search list, allowing inventory tooling searches via customer part number and by way of MachiningCloud’s Quick Search feature. In addition, with multiple inventory lists established, items can be added or copied from existing inventory lists.

Import Complete Tooling Inventories for Fast List Creation
Items can be added to any list by using the Add Item button in My Inventory, browsing and adding items from MachiningCloud catalog searches, or by importing text files of all of your current tooling inventory. My Inventory features a template text file that can be filled in for Brand, Part Number, Customer Part # and Quantity. The template can then be uploaded directly to any of your My Inventory lists for fast and efficient tool tracking and administration.

Search for the Latest Tooling Data and Save Time with My Inventory
Whether it’s tooling that you have on-hand or new tooling possibilities that you’d like to consider, MachiningCloud’s My Inventory feature offers the flexibility to manage tooling better than ever before. Good tool management helps maintain profitable operations for all types of manufacturing jobs, tracks replacements and helps optimize tooling stock. MachiningCloud provides a practical approach to making sure that machinists and CAM programmers get the right tool from their inventory when they need it most.

To learn more about MachiningCloud v2.9’s My Inventory features, please visit our instructional video for additional information or download the MachiningCloud app now at

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