July 31, 2018

Multi-Brand Tooling Setup Done Right

Quickly search, build and export tooling assemblies with different brands


Finding and building accurate digital tooling assemblies efficiently – especially when composed of multiple brands, is part of every CNC/CAM programmer’s day at the office. In the world of 3D modelling applications, not all coordinate systems think alike. Tooling manufacturers provide their own iteration of STEP files along with descriptive data. This results in a digital mishmash of information between tooling brands where additional intervention and CAD assembly may be necessary.  Multi-branded tooling assemblies require more time and effort for preparation before CAM programming even begins.

CNC/CAM programmers can’t afford to waste more time then they have trying to assemble 3D tools, holders and inserts together. They require a fluid, in-and-out process for building, handling and importing multi-brand tooling assemblies between applications. Programmers want to leverage their shop-floor instinct and experience as well, requiring a tool with the flexibility to setup multi-brand assemblies according to their exact needs.

The release of MachiningCloud’s v2.9 marks a significant advancement in finding, building and exporting multi-brand tooling assemblies with ease. The app joins tooling components together in the cloud for you, providing a ready-to-go, CAM agnostic 3D assembly file. In the latest video tutorial, Building Multi-Brand Assemblies in MachiningCloud, programmers can quickly research and create either multi-brand or single brand tooling assemblies in minutes rather than hours.



This powerful feature begins with the new Free-form Mode that’s built into the Tool Assembly section of MachiningCloud. With Free-form Mode OFF by default, the app will use manufacturer connection codes for filtering tooling results from other brands. When switching brands, MachiningCloud will only highlight those with applicable tooling.


When a manufacturer’s connection codes prevent you from building your preferred assembly, Free-form Mode ON allows you to build any assembly that you want.




Tooling data standardization is well on its way and a vital part to improving CAM programming efficiency. MachiningCloud has been front and center in this effort. Working with cutting tool manufacturers, the company provides a service for converting tooling data into ISO/GTC standardized information. Users can choose either MachiningCloud’s ISO Plus data or the original manufacturer’s native format when exporting from the app.

Tooling manufacturers of any size can leverage this service as a resource-free way to get started with embracing Industry 4.0 manufacturing. Manufacturer data standardization is the key to enabling the future of CAM workflow improvements such as multi-brand tooling search, assembly and handling.

MachiningCloud provides a single source for the most up-to-date, optimized tooling data available from manufacturers. Programmers and machinists can spend less time researching disparate manufacturer catalogs and more time building uniform tooling assemblies composed of multiple brands. Backed by MachiningCloud’s data standardization efforts, programmers gain flexibility, improved productivity, and some additional peace of mind.