July 31, 2018

Efficient Tooling Data Sourcing Benefits Entire Workgroup

The process of machining a part from beginning to end requires consistent, up-to-date, and technically accurate tooling data. Hours of project preparation are at the mercy of traditional catalog research, resulting in a ripple effect that impacts every department, from accounting to manufacturing. Whether it’s the accountant who needs to analyze process estimations or the quality control folks who keep an eye on manufacturing deviations, everyone benefits from fast and efficient tooling data searches.

Using MachiningCloud, CAM Programmers can quickly search for the tool required using detailed, search-by-specification filters. Every participating manufacturer provides their catalog data to the MachiningCloud app, a cloud-based software that allows users to quickly source as many tooling options as possible, in various assembly configurations, based on their project requirements.


When searching for milling tools, use the Filters menu to narrow down cutting parameters based on the project requirements.

Dynamic search filters allow the user to source and select by brand, product family, tool type, and countless other product-specific data. The results are analyzed with actual shop floor information including feeds and speeds, projection lengths, torque, and more. The entire job data package, including all tooling assembly data and 3D models, can be sent to different departments for further analysis.


Sending copies of tool assembly data can be done within MachiningCloud for easy collaboration and import into CAD/CAM software packages.

When conducting tooling data searches with MachiningCloud, collaboration between departments is already under way.  Project estimations, inventory checks, CAM simulations, and quality assurance can be performed in unison along each stage of project development, all referenced through a single portal. The sum of all product knowledge is instantly available at every department’s fingertips using a new approach to finding the right tool. It’s ready to be disseminated quickly and efficiently across the entire organization.

After selecting tooling for the next project, reports can be sent to colleagues to help facilitate collaboration, process estimation, and analysis.

Project estimators, purchasing representatives, and accounting departments utilize MachiningCloud’s quotation capabilities and real-time inventory checks.

MachiningCloud’s search filter capabilities can keep manufacturing processes disciplined and optimized.  Quickly finding the right tool alleviates a major hurdle for CAM project costs but more importantly, helps organize data handling, communication, and accurate analysis for all those involved.




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